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"I love Hallmark. I'm a fairytale girl. It would probably seem unreal to you to think that someone really falls in love at first sight, but we did."

About Yvonne

Yvonne L. Coates was born and raised in Williamsburg, Virginia.  She is the oldest; having four sisters and two brothers. She feels blessed to be loved and supported whole-heartedly by lots of family and friends. She has a degree in Business Management with a minor in Marketing and has worked in the federal government for 40 years. She currently lives in Maryland with her husband of 27 years. She is the mother of three, mentor, leader, change agent, artist, certified inspirational speaker, entrepreneur, philanthropist, coach, and author of "Taking Off the Mask." 


Her heartfelt and inspirational book helps people discover ways to overcome concealing silent pain they may face personally and with others.  Through this journey, she uncovered an unwavering freedom, profound love, and genuine joy.  Her ability to connect with people allows her to make you feel like you have known her your entire life.  Despite her personal trials and tribulations, she revealed a hidden figure with a profound sense of strength that propelled a  powerful force from within that inspire others and equip them with tools to be successful in their own journeys.


She has dedicated her life to imparting wisdom, love, trust, and kindness while fulfilling her destiny to remain humble---spiritually, mentally, and emotionally. She maintains happiness despite having experienced unwavering obstacles and storms, triumphing with strength and determination.

In 2020, she launched her new brand “Yvonne Coates Speaks” a platform to discuss various topics to help others gain alternative perspectives to embrace having, living with, and caring for others with disabilities and/or medical challenges, among other challenges they face, while exemplifying self-care.  Her positivity radiates through her welcoming smile, authentic nature, warm temperament, infectious personality, and love for others.  She is very family-centric and plays a major part in keeping her family together.  

Honoring those she loves is a critical core ingredient to the essence of her success.  It is her desire to make life better for not only those she has direct contact with; but for those she will never meet.

She is living her blessed life, and her book and webcasts will tell you just how she does it! And most importantly, how you can do it too.  Get your hard copy or kindle version on Amazon. For an autographed copy, contact us through email. Upon purchase, your book order will be sent directly to you.  

Best Selling Book


Taking Off the Mask was inspired by my life of secretly living with my soulmate's disability, uplifting him through all obstacles, while concealing my silent pain by wearing an imaginary mask. Over the years, these obstacles became opportunities to experience a deeper love, and embrace the true inner peace of self-discovery. The fairytale ending you may very well desire, could possibly be the beginning of a new dimension to embrace living your best life.


Acceptance is freedom, and freedom brings happiness.


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What My Readers Say

"A Must Read"


This book is a peek into one family's MS journey. This is not just about MS, but it is also a love story that takes you through so many different emotions. I came away from reading with more of an understanding of the struggles that people are dealing with that we may not be aware of. Although there are struggles in this book there is also a thread running through it with nuggets of hope and tips to help you come through your own journey victoriously! Loved it!!

Drama Queen

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Certified Inspirational Speaker  |  Captivating Author  |  Philanthropist

ASHCO Consultants, LLC
34 Shining Willow Way #200

LaPlata, Maryland 20646

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